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Dance Now
The world First FREE to play Social Network Featured Dancing mobile game.
You can dance to all the Top Hits you like from the US Billboard Chart and South Korea Melon Chart.
Loạn Đấu Tây Du
The first Action mobile game(developed by Netease Inc.) in the world that combines the gameplay of both MOBA and RPG.
Detective Conan
Novel gameplay based on the well-known comics: Detective Conan.
Join us and start your detective journey!
Crisis Action
The most abundant gameplay! The most thrilling action shooting game!
The Zodiac War
The Nordic goddess is an RPG mobile game based on Nordic mythology. The game is full of magical colors.
School Beauty's Bodyguard
Newest RPG mobile game, based on a famous novel about school love. You can find the original characters and stories in this game.
The Legend of Jade Sword
A new kind martial arts game, beautiful skills, vivid characters.Based on the famous novel by "I Eat Tomatoes".